Using Sunscreen in the Winter | Advanced Dermatology Care
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Using Sunscreen in the Winter

Woman Applying Sunscreen In Front of Snow Mountains

You should never check the weather before deciding to apply sunscreen. Sunscreen is arguably the most important part of your skin care routine. Despite the fact that it is starting to get colder, UV rays can still penetrate through clouds. There are two different types of UV rays that are harmful to the skin such as UVA and UVB. UVA penetrate deeper layers of the skin, which can cause skin cancer and premature aging. UVB rays damage the outer layers of the skin, which can result in sunburns. Below are several reasons why sunscreen is important to be worn year round.

Despite sunscreen protecting your skin from powerful UV rays, it also has useful anti-aging properties. Studies show that people who apply sunscreen daily compared to those who don’t had no detectable increase in skin aging. It is never too late to start wearing sunscreen; you can incorporate it into your regular skin care routine at any moment. The younger you start applying sunscreen, the better! You will definitely notice that your skin will age more gracefully and look healthy and vibrant.

Looking at a computer screen for hours on end can contribute to hyper-pigmentation and dark spots. Computer screens emit blue light and long-term blue light exposure can also lead to a weakened skin’s surface and inflammation. Additionally, if you are sitting near a window while you work, you can develop wrinkles and deeper crow’s feet on the side of your face that faces the window. It is important to be strategic when choosing your workplace at home; however, it is more important to apply sunscreen to ensure that you’re protected wherever you are sitting.

It might be hard to believe that winter sports can put you at a higher risk of UV exposure; however, UV radiation increases by 5% every thousand feet you rise above sea level. Therefore, the higher in elevation that you are at, such as the mountains, the greater the exposure. When you’re in the mountains snowboarding or skiing, you are likely not thinking about applying sunscreen, but snow reflects sunlight and therefore you are more susceptible to getting a burn.

Lastly, cold weather conditions tend to remove sunscreen faster. The harsh weather erodes the sunscreen and before you know it, you need to reapply. It is much easier to remember to reapply sunscreen during summer when you’re sweating. Skin cancer is possible during cold winter months, so it is essential that you play an active role in taking care of your skin by consistently applying sunscreen.