Advanced Dermatology Care is excited to introduce the PRX-T33® Skin Rejuvenation, a non-injectable bio-revitalizer that induce a dermal bio-stimulation without harming the skin.* Developed as a non-peeling peel treatment for children with scars, PRX-T33 is revolutionary for correcting facelift scars, stretch marks, and sagging skin.* Applied with a specific technique, it provides immediate aesthetic improvement and deep hydration.* Repeating the application once a week for the number of sessions determined by our provider enhances the aesthetic effect.* PRX-T33 is unique because it combines the effects of H2O2 and high concentration TCA. It is indicated for men, women and teens as a bio-revitalizer of the face and body, treating:

  • hyperpigmentation
  • aging skin
  • sagging skin
  • sun damage
  • scars
  • melasma
  • acne
  • stretch marks
  • and for the prevention of dermal aging

What kind of facial peel is it?

PRX-T33 is a facial peeling procedure based on the well-known trichloroacetic acid (TCA) peel. TCA is one of the most popular peeling treatments, as it is a non-toxic chemical which causes the top layer of cells to dry up and peel off the skin.

What are the active ingredients in the PRX-T33 cosmetic peel?

With PRX-T33, a combination of TCA and hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) quickly penetrates the dermis (one of the skin’s layers), activating a process of regeneration without attacking the epidermis (the outer layer of skin).* The PRX-T33 solution contains 33% TCA and 67% hydrogen peroxide. The peel is incredibly effective.* The combination of TCA and hydrogen peroxide stimulates the dermis non-invasively, while minimising the aggressive exfoliation of the dermis.* PRX-T33 promotes stimulation of fibroblasts and growth factors without causing inflammation or damaging the skin.* The treatment can be performed at any time of year, unlike peeling, because it is not photosensitizing, and it is suitable for all skin types.

PRX-T33 Skin Rejuvenation Before & After

The advantages of the PRX-T33 facial peel

  • It is a non-invasive treatment
  • It provides non-ablative (not harming the top layer of skin) chemical stimulation of the dermis without exfoliating the epidermis*
  • It is absolutely painless*
  • It works very well both as a single treatment and in combined treatments, as the results of each are enhanced
  • It is not photosensitizing, so it can be used even in summer
  • The results are immediate
  • After the facial peeling treatment, there is no bruising or redness, so the patient can go back to their everyday life with no sign of cosmetic treatment*

Do you have any questions about the PRX-T33 Treatment? If you would like to schedule an appointment with our dermatologists in our Los Alamitos or Agoura Hills office, please contact us for a consultation.

*Disclaimer, results may vary from person to person.