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How to Calm Itchy Winter Scalp

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If you suffer from itchy winter scalp, don’t worry you are not alone. Itchy scalp can be so uncomfortable and embarrassing, but there are things you can do to provide some relief. For starters, you want to make sure that you are staying hydrated. Dehydration is one of the reasons why your scalp itches. If your scalp feels tight and you see flakes of dead skin, you’re likely lacking moisture. Just like your skin needs plenty of water to remain hydrated so does your scalp. When your body doesn’t get enough water, the oil glands on your head aren’t able to do their job properly.

It is also important to exfoliate your scalp with a dry brush. Before you jump in the shower, use a brush to massage your scalp to remove excess skin cells. While you’re in the shower, you should brush to break down any hair product that you applied during the day. This also helps circulate blood flow to your scalp which is great for hair growth. After you get out of the shower and your hair is damp, apply a firm massage with a microfiber cloth.

Choosing the right shampoo can make or break all your efforts toward a healthier scalp. Avoid shampoos that are drying or include artificial scents and harsh chemicals. Look at the ingredients in your shampoo and make sure that they are hydrating such as aloe vera, shea butter and glycerine. After you have washed your hair, it is essential that you lock in the moisture. You can do this by using natural oils such as argan and coconut oil.

On days where you want to dedicate more time to treating your scalp, you can try a hair mask. Hair masks contain an oil treatment that you can apply to your head and leave in for an extended period of time. Make sure to rub your scalp directly with the oil and put on a shower cap once you’ve finished massaging the oil in. You should keep the cap on for at least 40 minutes so that the product can fully penetrate your scalp. Once you’re ready to get rid of the oil you can jump in the shower and use a natural shampoo to wash it out.

There are also daily hair lotions you can apply directly to your scalp if necessary. This product is designed to keep your scalp hydrated throughout the day and prevent flaking. Lastly, you need to focus on your diet. It is essential that you incorporate a diet that is rich in fatty acids. Some foods that contain fatty acids are salmon, walnuts, and flaxseeds. Implementing these steps consistently will help alleviate itchiness from dry skin and promote a healthier scalp.