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Safely Remove Psoriasis Scales

Psoriasis Scales on Hand

Psoriasis scales are patches of dry, irritated skin that are characteristics of psoriasis. Psoriasis is an autoimmune condition that causes skin cells to multiply quickly. This over production of skin cells causes scaly patches to form. These patches appear on the skin as flaky white scales that are usually itchy. There are several methods a person can do to safely remove psoriasis scales. You can remove psoriasis scales with chemical exfoliators. A common chemical exfoliator is salicylic acid which can be found in a lot of the products at your local pharmacy. If you have a more extreme case, your doctor can prescribe a stronger topical medication. Salicylic acid helps remove the outermost layer of the skin. It also helps increase moisture of the skin by reducing the skin’s pH. It is important to be careful when using salicylic acid because it is a strong product that can cause burning or irritation of sensitive skin.

Applying everyday moisturizers is important for your skin to remain moisturized and hydrated. It is especially important that people with psoriasis apply moisturizer regularly since it can help reduce the itching and burning sensation. Your dermatologist may recommend a thicker cream in order to help lock in moisture. Coal tar can also be helpful in reducing red and dry skin. Coal tar is an anti-inflammatory agent that helps shed dead skin cells. It also helps slow down the growth of skin cells. Coal tar can be found in soaps and creams; however, for a stronger dose, your doctor may recommend a prescription-strength treatment.

Additionally, topical corticosteroids can also be used to treat all grades of psoriasis. Over the counter steroid creams are much milder versions of prescription steroids but can still help control mild symptoms of psoriasis. Corticosteroids can help reduce inflammation and slightly suppress the immune system response behind these issues.

Soaking in a lukewarm bath can also help remove dead skin cells. Make sure that you aren’t soaking in a hot bath since this can lead your skin to becoming red and irritated. You can also add Epsom salt or oatmeal to help soothe the itching. Using a medicated shampoo has also proven to be helpful for those that get psoriasis scales on their head.

It is also important to learn the things you should avoid to not trigger your skin. Triggers can include but are not limited to stress, injury to the skin, sun burns, allergies, alcohol, certain types of foods, illnesses, and environmental factors. You also need to avoid picking the psoriasis scales as much as you may be tempted to. You can potentially cause further irritation and leave your skin in a worse state. People who struggle with psoriasis have several options to help reduce the symptoms and can learn to live comfortably in their own skin. If you have questions about your psoriasis and/or psoriasis scales, schedule an appointment today with our dermatologist.


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